Main Features

  • Low cost tractor – projected at $9000
  • Narrow vehicle allows narrow planting
  • Knee steering frees driver’s hands for crop work
  • Range of seat height allows hand work from ground level to five feet up
  • Stabilized to 40 degrees due to hard edged wheels and low center of gravity
  • Efficient energy use due to large wheel and efficient electric drive train
  • Low soil impact due to low vehicle weight and load spreading wheels

Key Facts

  • Inexpensive, all day batteries
  • Smooth control at low working speeds
  • Safe lay down
  • Sun shade meets OSHA requirements
  • Ancillary equipment will follow quickly based on similar wheel principles
  • User serviceable
  • Complements existing infrastructure
  • Equipment varies as appropriate for crop

Tractor is in development – – watch for emerging equipment details.